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    Izaac McGregor

    Does training a body part more than once a week really matter? I feel better and look when I’m on a bro split

    Andreas Ottawa

    There is no right or wrong imo here, it’s mainly preference. Lets say for chest you have 10 total working sets over the course of a week (just making up numbers here), with brosplit you’d just do them in 1 session but with a higher frequency split, like ppl fro example, you would have 2 sessions with 5sets each. Arguably in the bro workout you get more tired and more fatigued the further you progress in your workout, thus your intensity also decreases due to fatigue, whereas if you split the workouts in 2 sessions you’d have a fresh, regenerated start for the second 5 working sets – you can perform better, train heavier etc. I could argue that I could get more out of the 10 sets if I’d do them in 2 sessions than if I’d just do them at once. That’s the idea of higher frequency splits, but if you enjoy doing bro split more than have at it – after all it just comes down to managing expectations and personal preference. (Btw all of this is explained in much more detail in the guidance section in HC Tv). Stay safe dude!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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