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    Mattias Andersson

    Hey guys. Im soon moving to my new house with an garage. My plan is to make an not to expensive gym there to start with.

    Right now I already have a barbell, dumbbells to 50kg, plates, pullup rings and a good adjustable bench.

    I need some help to prioritise and see if im missing something in my plan.

    Im planning to buy a power rack next up. There are some that have lat pulldown that you can attach to them. But i dont know if that is worth buying? There is no thigh pad to brace against and it just seem to be really narrow space inside the rack.

    After power rack I will get an seated leg curl.

    And third im thinking of an dual cable machine similar to the one Joe got in his garage.

    Am I missing any big rocks here? I will prioritice legs after this, would an hack squat be next up in the future then?


    Mattias Andersson

    Thanks Bryce! Agree with a back piece. Really hard to find those brands in Sweden tho.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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