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    Tye Cunningham

    Hey Joe, I just brought the lifetime membership, the app is amazing.

    Here in Australia we are in and out of lockdown on a weekly basis. Gyms are open for 4 days then closed again for two weeks and repeat.

    I’ve started the push, pull, legs split with my garage gym similar to yours. I’ve managed to substitute the machines needed on the push and pull days to still get a good session in.

    In your opinion what would a good leg day look like utilising a garage gym to be able to still make good progress.

    I’m not sure what to sub the app’s leg curl, hack squat, lying leg curl found in the leg day for.

    I have a rack, barbell, bumpers, DB’s.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Tye Cunningham

    Thanks Bryce. I appreciate your help and advice so much.

    Tye Cunningham

    Thanks Joe :). Great suggestions!

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