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    Max Sheppard

    Hi Joe!

    I am trying to implement my own critical thinking as I decipher information and studies, contrasting it by the (generally accepted) known principles.

    Thus, I am in a dilemma as to which option of exercise order would be best for hypertrophy, given that mechanical tension and intramuscular failure (within the 5-30 rep range) are equally kings…

    A) A position of flexion set, whereby we train the muscle from its short-mid-lengthened positions, as a BASE exercise.


    B) One of your favourite compound exercises (with accommodating resistance) for any given body part.

    I ask this question because Eugene Teo sparked my thinking by saying, “I don’t focus on the loads I’m using, but rather the stimulus it places on my body”.

    So, my roundabout way of asking this question: would, say, a well-made preacher curl taken to failure provide just as much of a hypertrophic stimulus as a giant set of spider curls > preacher curls > standing curls?

    The former provides the most mechanical tension given it doesn’t transition into the spider and standing curls, but the latter hits multiple failure points and exhausts the entire muscle; therefore, leading to (possibly) more stimulus – again, comparing them as the meat and potatoes for work.

    Thanks as always! The app is splendid!

    Max Sheppard

    Thank you so very much, Bryce! My apologies for not including you in my greeting – your information is golden!!!

    Max Sheppard

    You have my utmost gratitude, Joe – amazing response. Merci!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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