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    Hey guys,
    I feel like I struggle a bit with gut health and digestion. I eat 4 times a day right now, not gaining weight but also never feel hungry. I eat the same things everyday and don’t notice any bloating or discomfort. I eat a variety throughout the day but maybe day to day variety is an issue but don’t see how to change this while eating 4 times a day.
    A typical day looks like this right now:

    Meal 1: 50g cereal and milk. Smoothie (banana, 2 handfuls of mixed fruit and 1 scoop of vegan protein)

    Meal 2: 200g lean ground beef and 100g (uncooked weight) white rice. 1 scoop of greens shake.

    Meal 3: Shake (300ml choc milk, 400ml water, 60g (uncooked) oats, half an avocado, 1tbls peanut butter, 1 scoop vegan protein.

    Meal 4 (post gym meal): 125g chicken, peppers, 300g potatoes. 1 nut protein bar. 1 bagel with 2 slices turkey 1 slice ham.

    This doesn’t seem like a huge amount of food for my height (6’1 178lbs) and activity (4 days a week) but I also don’t feel like I could any more without making my stomach worse.

    Basically any advice on how I can improve variety and my gut health would be greatly appreciated.
    Also eggs are a no go as they make me nauseas.


    Thanks very much Bryce I’ll give it a try!


    I also struggle with this and my meals are pretty much as basic as can be (vegan protein, peanut butter, banana, chicken, rice, green beans, apple, turkey mince, pitta bread, salad, coco pops “cereal”. dark chocolate, rice cakes etc) and I eat 4-5 meals a day. Not much to eliminate tbh. Anything else Bryce? What do you suggest?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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