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    Sven Gaertner

    Hello Joe

    I’m in the process of designing my own home gym and before I went onto your Instagram and the app I was about to buy hammer Strenght equipment. But then I’ve been watching your gym tour videos and also the fact that you keep talking about Strenght profiles and how to make machines or exercises even better for the particular motion or muscle you wanna train. And I would try to replicate your gym but the issue is I live in Germany and I can’t get my hands on Prime or Nautilus equipment.
    I tried Watson equipment but the machines are ass since the either start to heavy or way too light and then become the whole opposite which just feels off.
    I could get my hands on Atlantis, hammer Strenght, life fitness, gym80 and things. So now to my question.
    Obviously I try to get the best machines possible and I already know from your side that I could get the Atlantis pendulum and the life fitness cable pulley.
    But I’m still looking for:
    Chest press
    Incline press
    Shoulder press
    T-Bar chest supported
    Chest supported Row
    Lat Pulldown – or High row what ever you think is best.
    And a seated hamstring curl.

    Maybe you have experience or can guid me in the right direction here?

    Many thanks!

    Sven Gaertner

    Thank you for the reply, really appreciated it!

    I already have a complete Powerlifting Squat Combo Rack and Deadlift Platform with Bar and Plates

    I am thinking now to go with this pieces

    Lower body

    Atlantis Pendulum, Rogue Rhino Belt Squat, Life Fitness seated Leg Curl, Rogue Reverse Hyper and Atlantis Deluxe Hyperextension

    Upper body

    Atlantis Incline Press, Atlantis Shoulder Press, Atlantis Front Pulldown                                                                                             Either Atlantis chest supported T-Bar with the 3 handles or the Watson one with the movable handle?                                         And still trying to get my hands on the Prime seated Row machine.

    Is there any machine that you cannot recommend or that you would definitely swap because of profile or alignment? or for any other reason? And would you rather go for the Flat or Incline Press on Atlantis under consideration that I already have the Eleiko Squat Bench Combo Rack? And Im not sure if the Atlantis Front Pulldown is that good since its supposed to be what the Nautulis Xpload pulldown is for you.

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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