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    Abdulaziz Fahad

    Hi Joe, i’m a new member here and so far i’m loving the app so much!
    starting my first program (push, pull, lower) my gym has no hack squat unfortunately, but it has all kinds of leg pressing machines (wished they invested in a hack squat instead lol)
    Can any of the leg press machines shown in the pictures replace the hack squat?
    Thanks for the great app!

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    Rei Koka

    I think the second machine the leg press that has a pivot not the linear one, would be a good option for you mate, its similar to the cybex one Joe has I wish that had an adjustable seat instead of having that seat fixed. As far as replacing the hack the first machine if the seat can be adjusted meaning to become flat some machines are like that then that would make it a hack squat thr only problem would be the angle well not technically a problem but because of the angle you just have to put a bigger weight. Hope I could help

    Abdulaziz Fahad

    The goal of the hack squat as I understood it from other responses from Joe, is to have an exercise that put the hams on the calves, meaning go as deep as possible to maximally stretch the quads.

    The seat on the first machine is not adjustable unfortunately.

    I think the leverage leg press (the second picture) is the best option but i’m not really sure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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