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    Roberto Celi

    I had an bike accident a couple weeks ago. The left me unable to train, I have lost muscle and I think got fatter. I tried to train legs but for some reason even if I train legs on the 2nd set I’m already feeling pain in my arm and it starts pumping as if it has a heart in itself.

    I noticed (even thought my elbow ROM is not fully available) that he hardest part will be holding things on my hand. Specially heavier things since my wrist also hurts when I move it and I’m holding something even as light as a shoe. Therefore decided acquiring wrist cuffs will be a smart move.

    I was just buying the HC wrist cuffs on the site and noticed in the picture there is just one of them.

    So it would be 27.50$ for one wrist cuff or for both? Just asking to be sure to avoid a misunderstanding


    Roberto Celi

    Thanks sorry I didn’t see it in case it was written

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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