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    Shaun Mcloughlin

    Hi coaches, im.doing the better half program but my right knee is injured so i can no lomger squat, leg press or any loaded knee flexion stuff really. Leg extensions are fine

    Any suggestions what to do with my program in regards to training quads guys??

    Thanks so much again for all u do

    Shaun x


    I had a knee issue also and couldn’t place any heavy vertical weight on my knee. In addition to leg ext, I added horizontal leg presses, pistol squats on a hack machine, and cable squats with a sissy squat machine. For the pistol squats, I put a calf raise bar on a hack and did rapid partial rep squats for 12 to 15 sets. These exercises didn’t bother my knee and I did those until my knee was ready to go again. U prob need to find what works for you.

    Shaun Mcloughlin

    So where there is a squat/leg press exercise in my program just leave them out and replace with the activation exercises???

    Shaun Mcloughlin

    Awesome joe thankyou. Legend that mafe a ton of sense thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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