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    Nathan Tibbit

    How important would you consider it is having access to lots of equipment- vs very limited (home gym). I have a squat rack- adjustable bench- dumbells- and a homemade pulley system that I can do some high or low attachment movements (single cable on a pulley with a rogue loading pin)

    I feel like on every workout about 50% or more involves equipment I don’t have.

    Kendall thompson

    I think providing more home gym alternatives would be a good idea Joe, as more and more of us are building decent home gyms, due to recent circumstances especially. Heck, one never even knows if the gyms will be allowed to open in some places. And not just like the dilf maker program, that one is meant for a VERY limited amount of equipment that I wouldn’t even consider a home gym. But many of us have racks, barbells, pulleys, landmines, adjustable benches, hell I even have a GHD. I’ve done the home gym thing long enough that I know alternative exercises pretty much, but having more ideas, and knowing exactly what you’re looking for in the exercises would be helpful too. When we say home gym nowadays, we don’t just mean some dumbbells and bands. We are only missing fancy machines, due to either space or money. Definitely not discounting how awesome those machines are for hypertrophy. But I mean, how many dudes got jacked in a dirty old school gym like the type Ronnie Coleman worked out in using mostly free weights? Sure, we probably won’t be winning pro shows without freaky genetics or anything, but we can get big and jacked regardless of how optimal it is or isn’t.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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