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    Sven Gaertner

    Jey Joe

    I already have a complete Powerlifting Squat Combo Rack and Deadlift Platform with Bar and Plates

    I am thinking to add this pieces for my new home gym and would like your opinion on it.

    Lower body

    Atlantis Pendulum, Rogue Rhino Belt Squat, Life Fitness seated Leg Curl, Rogue Reverse Hyper

    Extra: Atlantis Deluxe Hyperextension if you feel it’s needed?

    Upper body

    Atlantis Incline Press, Atlantis Shoulder Press, Atlantis Front Pulldown and                                                                                             Either Atlantis chest supported T-Bar with the 3 handles or the Watson one with the movable handle, which do you think is  better?

    Extra: trying to get my hands on the Prime seated Row machine, do you think its necessary if you already have the t-bar row machine?

    Is there any machine that you cannot recommend or that you would swap for something else because of profile or alignment or for any other reason?

    Any piece that’s not necessary or that I am missing in my thought process?

    And would you rather go for the Flat or Incline Press on Atlantis when consideration that I already have the Eleiko Squat Bench Combo Rack?

    Im not sure if the Atlantis Front Pulldown is that good since its supposed to be what the Nautulis Xpload pulldown is for you.

    thanks in advance!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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