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    Hi Coach
    With a sense of lockdowns perhaps coming back in the next month or so I wanted to have a plan or action ready just in case
    I’ve got a very bare bones home gym equipment as listed below
    – Dumbbells from 5kg to 50kg
    – Adjustable bench from decline to 90*
    – A backup flat only bench
    – lots of daisy chains and carabiners
    – micro loading plates from 0.25kg to 7.5kg
    – a number of various lat Pulldowns handles and cuffs which with carabiners and daisy chains become make shift barbells at least for things like cuff lateral raises and curls
    – a variety of resistance bands rated from 15kgs to 75kgs
    – my question is on movement selection
    – push is simple enough – variety of pressing at various angles / flies at various angles and laterals
    – biceps and triceps again simple enough curls and extensions
    – legs and back are where I struggle and am looking for advice
    – what I have off the top of my head are
    – bent over bilateral rows
    – unilateral rows
    – pull overs
    – chest supported rows
    – shrugs
    – dumbbell deadlifts
    – split squats
    – lunges

    Unfortunately don’t have anything for vertical pulling – I was thinking of getting a set of gymnastic rings but don’t have any load bearing point to anchor them onto

    Any idea or thoughts would be much appreciated

    Thanks again!


    Thank you coach!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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