How far from visible abs? And how should I train?

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    Bendix Sørensen

    Hi there.

    I am new here, and just exploring the platform, and figuring out if I should follow a program on here etc.

    I would like to know if someone would mind:
    1. Judge my current physique and help estimate how far I am from visible abs.
    2. Take a look at my current routine and see if I should stick to it, or whether you might have suggestions for a program on here to follow instead.

    Since October my progress has, according to my Withings Body Cardio, been:
    Weight from 106 to 82 kg
    BMI from 30 to 23
    Body fat from 26 to 15 %
    Muscle mass from 70 to 81 %
    According to Apple health app, this means I did lose from 79 to 70 kg in lean body mass.

    My initial courses of actions were:
    Steady state cardio like running and swimming
    Win Hof Method – like ice baths for around 30 minutes
    Lots of sauna
    Yoga once a week
    Intermittent fasting for around 18 hours a day, and a couple of 72 hour water fasts as well

    My current routine isn’t super scheduled either but it is something like:
    Lifting 3x a week
    Interval running 10 minutes 2x a week
    Wakeboarding 1x a week
    1.5 hour brisk walk when ever I have time – probably 2-3x a week
    Intermittent fasting

    My lifting “program” is always the same:

    First I do a high intensity session with 4 rounds. I do max 10 seconds between the exercises and 90 seconds between rounds. The exercises are:
    10x Goblet Squat
    10x Incline Dumbbell Press
    8x One-Arm Dumbell Row for each arm
    10x Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift
    30 seconds Up & Down Plank

    Afterwards I do weighted reverse cable crunches and kneeling rope cable crunches until my abs burn.

    I finally do a couple more exercises, if I feel like it, and then stretch out as good as I can.

    My goal is basically to have an appealing physique – nothing crazy, but I would like to see my abs for the first time ever, and just look healthy and decently strong. Other than that I just want to >be< stronger, so I can hopefully be injury free and progress in wakeboarding, while promoting a longer life too. 🙂

    Thank you in advance, and please excuse my pictures in that I have absolutely no idea how to flex, and my pigmentation is distracting at best 😉

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    Bendix Sørensen

    I am 34 years old and 187 cm tall 🙂

    Bendix Sørensen

    Thanks a lot for your reply, I appreciate it!

    Mahmud Omar

    That’s some decent work and discipline that clearly paid off! Well done and keep it up

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