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    Ryan Fredericks

    Hey guys
    Need help with how to properly program this.
    I’ve just started doing the ARMageddon program to bring up my crap arms but also want to hit Push, Pull, Legs twice across an 8 day split.

    I usually train days PPLPPL then 2 Rest days in a row at the end as it works perfect around my work but also how can I program the arms in there too without hindering recovery and growth.

    I was thinking maybe hitting them with legs but will that be too much? Or is it a case of simply sacrificing a session purely for an arm day?

    I just need to make sure it fits within 6 days on 2 off training schedule.

    Any help appreciated guys 🙂

    Ryan Fredericks

    Thank you Bryce. I know I’m probably trying too hard to find the perfect split as ideally I’d like to hit everything twice a week for optimal growth and to fill out my tall frame but also have an emphasis on my arms as they are really poor.

    I’ll carry on with the Armageddon and maybe tweak things as I go through. Was thinking maybe I could add the volume off the arm day, split in half and add to my push and pull sessions but on the 2nd rotation of each push and pull do it in reverse so I’m hitting my arms fresh?

    So in a way they are getting hit fresh from the start and not just tagged on at the end of a push or a pull session. Then I could probably still fit PPLPPL twice in 6 days then take 2 rest days after that

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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