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    Karl Hansen

    Hi guys,

    Might be a quick answer of yes, but never saw anything on the site regarding it.   I was wondering when training clients with hypothyroidism (granted they are taking proper meds and tsh/t3/t4 are all in good range), if you take the same approach for both hypertrophy and fat loss?  I’ve followed everything on here closely and I am definitely putting on lean muscle, but also more fat along the way than I would think ( granted lower calories in, enough sleep, etc).  I’ve noticed in the past, I’ve stayed much leaner year round, but that was on high volume and doing crazy super sets which I’m trying to avoid as I’m getting older.    I was just wondering from a coach’s observation if you have had to tweak anything with clients with hypo or if you train them all the same and get the same expected results.  Thank you.


    Anytime I have a client on pretty much any prescription med, I speak directly to doctor, and allow them to establish guidelines. In the past, with any clients I’ve had with thyroid issues, the training has stayed the same. I’d communicate with the doc first always.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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