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    Hey guys what are your thoughts on the Inspire Fitness Equipment brand? I already own their SCS Smith Cage System (picture below) and was eyeing at their M3 Home Gym (picture below). Reason being is that it basically transforms into everything so I’d be killing multiple birds with one stone as far as machines go. It has Leg Ext / Seated Leg Curl, Converging Chest Press, Converging Shoulder Press, Machine Row, etc…

    I already have a power rack
    Dip & Pull up bar
    Plenty of weights
    Adjustable dumbbells
    Smith machine
    Multiple cable pulley systems
    Preacher attachments
    Specialty Bars
    A bunch of different cable attachments

    I was thinking by adding this I would cover close to all machine options. Except maybe a leg press.

    It’s kind of pricey though @ $4000.00.

    If you guys were in my shoes… would it e worth it?


    SCS Smith Cage & M3

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    Willie Moronta

    Don’t have an answer, but the machine looks really cool. Walmart has it for $3,499 atm, pretty nice discount

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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