Inspired by Jordan Peters (JP) for making a decision to cut back? What are your thoughts?

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    I think personally this is a great decision and fair play for him for sharing it on social media. A lot of guys out there just wanting to be huge and will do anything and take anything to be as huge as they but there much be a limit! Don’t you think?

    I’m a family man myself and time with the kids is all that matters, working 50-60hrs a week, yeah I go gym 5-6 times a week but I’m no where near lifting heavy weights and getting after of breath after walking 10 mins no way! I just make sure I get in my 4-5 weight sessions a week, and keeping as active as I can, and do a couple of cardio days, eat a good balanced diets, macros are hit everyday, sleep is regimented, stress is managed, food is basic, and I don’t give a toss if I’m not as jacked as the kid next to me, he doesn’t live in my shoes etc, and we all have different lifestyles! Health is wealth my friends and our competition is our selves!

    There is some very good information on here and I’ve been through most of the guidance videos etc and q&A’s etc and got some great advice, and yeah bodybuilding is a passion of mine and I’ve been a big dude once before with losing over 140lbs and having a kidney removed due to cancer, but I won’t allow it to take over my life. I don’t take drugs and drink very little, and I won’t batter my organs with supplements (just food) and the odd fish oils and multivitamin etc, and my goal is to build muscle but I do think there should be a fine line between health and health risks that bodybuilding can effect heath both mentally and internally if done un-naturally. (Meaning yeah build muscle, do weights, eat right, and be consistent etc and enjoy it, but also be healthy without filling your body with crap and involving some sort of physical activity as in cardio for heart/health reasons and be active) that’s just my opinion tho.

    I’m just seeing lately to many people take things to the extreme lately and then regretting it later down the line, (but like me tbh, I wish I would of knew what I know now 20yrs ago, we all think the same or though I think we do. But being healthy as I can especially for my kids is all my focus and feeling good in my own skin.

    Sorry for the essay but reflection is what we all should do and reality check. 👍🏽

    Just some pics below for my own reflection

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    Very nice message


    Agreed! Glad to see JP prioritizing health now

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