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    Ron W.

    Hey Coach,

    Been on the app for a month now and loving it so far. Great source of knowledge that I’ve been looking for, thank you! I’m reaching out for some feedback on where I should focus my attention for growth.

    My intention is to spend 2021 really honing in and developing my weaker muscle groups. I’m currently a men’s physique competitor that would like to eventually transition into classic physique which is my end goal. Where should I really focus my attention this year and what programs on the app would help me get there? I’ve included some pics and stats below to help give a more clear picture of what I’m working with. Let me know if you have questions or need more information.

    Current Stats {Rough Estimates}
    Height: 6’2 / Weight: 218 / Body Fat: 20% / Muscle Mass: 31%

    Meal Plan thats worked out so far
    1. Egg Whites – 12oz
    2. Oatmeal: 120G / One scoop protein / Two scoops almond butter
    3. Jasmine Rice: 300G / Ground Bison: 200-250G / 1 scoop guacamole
    4. Oatmeal: 90G / one scoop proten (preworkout)
    5. Jasmine Rice: 200-300G / Chicken Breast: 200G / 1 scoop guacamole
    6. (Before Bed & if I have room) Oatmeal: 90G

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    Ron W.

    Thank you for the feedback Bryce. I haven’t been consistent with my cardio recently so the body fat has been catching up with me, but I’m working on committing to 45min a day to get that back in check.

    As far as the meals I have going on my first message, Do those appear in line with my goal of developing more muscle tissue this year? Also, from the pics I’ve shown is there any areas that you feel I need to focus extra attention for this development?

    Ron W.

    Thank you Bryce, once again helpful insight/feedback. I think I’m in good spot to get the ball rolling on this. I’ll pick up a new program cycle next week and see where it takes me. Will circle back at the end of it when I hopefully have some solid data to work with 👌🏾 (and less fat 😅).

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