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    Kenneth Watts


    Wanted to ask if you could give me any general guidance on a issue I’ve been dealing with:

    I sprained (I think) my thumb a few weeks ago doing something stupid, initially I had swelling around the joint and a decent amount of pain. Since then the joint itself is tender, but I can train around it. However I’ve noticed that my bicep continuously tightens up on that side (especially the distal portion) as well as my brachioradialis and the other muscles on the top of my forearm. At times I’ll get a pain that runs from the top of my shoulder (where my bicep meets my front delt) all the way down to the tip of my finger. I’ve done some self manual tissue therapy and it seems like it’ll feel “looser” for a day or two, but will tighten back up after I do upper body training. Any advice on things I can do that could help? I recognize manual therapy isn’t always a good solution for long term issues, but with a freak issue like this would you say it’s appropriate to use?

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