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    These last 6 weeks have been very challenging mentally and physically. I went into week 12 hoping to make some serious progress and I’ve almost done what I’ve set out to do. I have some thinking to do if I want to extend this for 6 more weeks or swap into the Power Building Program to get a freash change of pace.

    To keep it interesting I’ve added a chest and delt on the same day at the end of the push pull lower arm week. Alternating with a Chest day only then a delt day only day every other week. Hope that makes senseπŸ€”I’ve also had a few people question what I’ve been doing and being able to explain why what I’m doing is done that way from execution to rep ranges. I sound smarter than just say BRUH it gives you a killer pump lol!!

    So some insight on what I’ve been doing a peek at my logs. The most impressive thing I noticed was my ability progress every 4 weeks or so. I never looked at the logs until recently but I see a trend. Using the notes has probably been the most informative part of the app I’ve used. Every set I take notes and I don’t move up weight until I hit a certain rep range. So little things like adding a note saying “stay at 40pds until 12 reps” instead of just thinking I can move up each week and fight for reps. The process of keeping the reps and sets as clean as possible and progressing when ( and Bryce told me so elegantly) I need to earn that progression. Every time I went up in weight I earned that right to do so. That mindset has changed the very fiber of how I train.

    So the three pics I’m gonna throw out are something I am personally very proud and impressed with. Before this program all the bullshit I was doing I wasn’t progressing as I am now/have been in the last 18 weeks. 7-8 months doing what I felt was right doesn’t measure up to what these last 4 months have done by adhering to a real program.

    So I’m rambling as I do but it wouldn’t be a post by me if it was less than 12000 wordsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Low incline DB press. 18 weeks ago 60pds

    Today I took the 80s for a ride. Top set 8 reps that felt great. Second set for 7 felt even better. ( no weight progression until my top set is 12 reps.)

    Preacher single arm DB curl. 18 weeks ago 35pds

    Last Arm Day preacher single arm DB curl, 50pds Both top sets were 8 reps failure at 9. Failure reps I don’t count. ( I don’t move up/progress weight until I can do 12 reps)

    Lastly, Leg press. I was struggling to do lower. Bad back, so I don’t squat, but I still hit the leg press, lying leg curls, seated leg curls split squats etc.. So I do my best but also a old ACL tear and meniscus tear back from 2015 haunts me. The leg press really scared me. I was hesitant to go heavy. After watching how to warm up properly. My warm up sets literally changed my output.

    Early on leg press was in the 300s, one day I was like screw it let’s see how heavy I can go. Hit the 600s. Then I got stagnant and after watching the warmup video. I’ve been adding weight each week to slowly progress and keep injuries low. I’m still scared of my left knee. But I’ve also been doing single leg presses and maxing out at 345pds single leg presses for 12 reps has helped me tremendously not to mention building confidence that my knee is holding and not being injured.

    Currently sitting at 740 for last week’s lower on leg press and going for 760 this week. I’ve been hitting 12 consistent reps so I’m not sure when failure reps will happen but I have had two guys stand by just in case because I know I’m nearing failure reps soon. Lower isn’t a priority but progressing still is. I’m feeling like 800 may be where I’ll experience failure but I’m shooting to hit 1000pds by next summer.

    Well that’s it for now but that’s just the tip of my progress. Things are feeling great, my recovery has been great. I’ve had a few hiccups here and there but so far this has been the best 18 weeks of training I’ve ever had.. Bryce, Joe.. Phenomenal programs and phenomenal results from all from your advice. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

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    Great work man

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