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    ofir mesika

    Hi Joe and Bryce!
    as a personal trainer, I have a lot of brand new trainees. I watched how to train Ms Jones and all of the guide videos..
    I just want to make sure, even if the volume is very very minimal, it is “ok”?

    for example,
    typical workout can look like (2 a week)
    db bench press 1 set
    goblet squat 1 set
    rdl 1 set
    pull ups 1 set
    db row 1 set..
    some pump and “fun stuff” at the end.
    They keep the technique right and making progress from week to week (load and reps).

    why I’m asking this? as a trainer who influenced a lot by Mike israetel mev- mrv… 1 set for 2 times a week seems like almost nothing…

    I would like to ask what is your opinion..


    Justin Bruce

    I wondered this as well .. while you’re waiting for the big man to answer check the guidance section. He’s got a video titled why low/minimal volume

    ofir mesika

    already checked and watched… still… 1 set of hack squat for example, even when there is progress, not ‘too much minimal?

    ofir mesika

    amazing answer, thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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