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    I am new to the app and exited to get a more structured training plan in the upcoming months.

    I recently (5 weeks ago) brought up an old injury i had playing soccer and after a few doctor visits we’ve found that i have some liquid in my left knee which puts tension on my quad, which could indicate a meniscus injury although my meniscus looked fine on both sides of the knee. Surgery is not yet on the table as i am waiting for an MR appointment, i can walk fine but running is a no go. (Full knee flexion hurts the lateral side of my left knee)

    The program i am currently following (started this week) is Terrence & Joe upper and arm specialization as i feel my arms especially are lacking and i want a fuller chest. And since i figured it would be the easiest on my knees considering there is one legday a week, and my legs have been a strongpoint for me.

    Do you have any pointers for me to take into consideration when training (any excercises that i should rather focus on for strengthening my knee, different intensities, different rep ranges etc.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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