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    I’m currently interested in competing in a BB show hopefully can shoot a target date after this bulk. I am currently trying to figure out what my main weak points are or if I just need overall more growth during this bulk. My last bill I focused on my chest which I think has came up a lot. I personally think my arms and back are my current lagging part and I’m currently thinking of starting the ARMageddon PPL and then following with the BACK/PPL split. I am working out of a “decently” equipped home gym so I will have to substitute some.

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    DUDE! Incredible thought out answer! I like the idea of the HC gives you wings with an extra arm day. I may run it as it is with the 4 days at first and throw in an additional bi/tri workout on the push days to see how recovery is (sleep is 6-7 hours a night currently) and if I feel it’s optimal add the 5th straight arm day!

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