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    Maximilian Knödl

    Hey Coaches,
    How would you set up a balanced leg day if you only have free weights, smith machine, seated legcurl, leg X and hip loaded calfraise. Most of the workouts incorporate a machine squat pattern, I sadly have none. I also have only one legcurl variation. I thought of something like that..

    A1. Deadlifts
    1-2 sets 5-8 reps
    B1. Seated legcurls
    1 set 8-12
    B2. Heel elevated squat
    1 set 5-8
    C1. Cyclist squat ( very high wedge )
    3 sets 15-20
    D1. RDL
    1 set 8-12

    Maximilian Knödl

    Ok Thanks Bryce!
    So I could do this, and put deadlifts on back day. But are cable lying legcurls a good substitute for machine lying legcurls ? Or should I do a deadlift variation ?

    A1. Seated legcurls 2 sets
    B1. Quad dominant squat 2 sets
    C1. Lying cable legcurls 2 sets
    D1. Split squats 2 sets
    E1. Hip loaded calf raises

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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