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    Xavier Szyszko

    So I’m still running my PPL A/B that I have been for months as I’ve been seing amazing results. General volume is low since all working sets are to failure (6 sets chest, 4 shoulder, 4 tricep/ 8 back, 2 rear delt, 4 bicep)
    However, it seems that for legs my recoverable volume is extremely low, which I guess I attribute to the maximal intensity. Even with just 2 sets for hams, 6 for quads and then calves/adductors (2 sets each) I am incredibly sore for 4-5 days. So of course I’m not adding in any intensifiers. Just want to make sure, this isn’t too little or maybe even too much? I guess I’m partially answering my own question since legs have been growing well, but I guess also curious if you’ve ever had clients who had great upper body recovery but legs responded very differently? Thanks as always. Workout pictured, B day is the same structure just Pendulum instead of Hack and Bulgarians instead of extensions

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