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    Jozef Golonka

    Hi Joe,

    i got question about 2 machines (attached)

    1. legpress from life fitness pin loaded – i use it with heavy bands

    2. hammer strenght v squats pin loaded – without bands

    is there any difference when it comes to strictly glutes training? (foot stance and other clues i know)

    I am not sure but i think legpress load my glutes mostly in fully lenghtened range and v squats are more for mid range ?

    i am not sure if it makes sense to use both or is enough pick one.

    Also, do you you think V squat machine is good replacement of banded RDL? I would like to replace RDL because i feel my weakest link is lower back and on V squats is pad. movement patter looks similar maybe V squats dont allow me to fully flex my hip.

    After these two exercises i am doing lunges and abduction.

    Please let me know your opinion.

    Thnak you for all your content.

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