Legs aren’t progressing (as much as I would like)

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    Hey everyone,

    Wondered if I might bounce a question around see what you folks thought.

    About 30 years straight in the gym (w/only two layoffs that I can recall, both being low back incidents although I am about 15 years removed from the last one).  Try to hit each muscle group twice a week and, for the most part, that works out rather well.

    Issue here are legs.  Try to hit a squat pattern twice weekly.  Usually SSB earlier in the week working up to a max set of 5 or so and then a back-off of up to 20 reps to finish that exercise.  Then I will hit some hamstrings with leg curls and some leg extension (higher reps here).  Will also hit some kind of adductor move to help maintain some size my legs.  I did some Oly lifting in the past and I am a very upright squatter, so quad dominant for sure.

    The second day I hit legs I will often use the Smith and work squats with 4 sets of 12 (=/- 3reps).  Occasionally, I will substitute with hacks here or even once in a while leg press.   I will next do some sissy squats and finish with some kind of RDL (also for a little higher rep range of 10-12).

    The rub is my legs seem to be regressing somewhat and I’m not sure why.  I have been getting stronger (which is weird to me as I am about to turn 49 yrs old), but size it hard to come by.  I will also add here that, when left to my own devices, I have (and still do from time to time) do WAY to much volume.  That has resulted in not feeling well the next day to the point of almost having flu-like symptoms.

    Just looking for some suggestions/thoughts.



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    Mark Grosvenor

    I am also interested in the replies. I’m a little older. Top half I’m happy with strength and size but bottom half is just ok for strength but lacking in size.

    Martin Ludvigsen

    Do not make legs to complicated.
    Concentrate on form and going All out, on the days your program describes it.
    The problem for most people, is going all out, and maintaining good form.
    Mostly people stop when it gets to hard.
    Cut down on sets, and instead of doing too many sets, make the sets count instead.


    Thank you guys (and bless you Bryce!).
    Appreciate the responses and will look to push the money set(s) harder.


    Martin can you clarify please? How do you make the sets count to rather than doing to many sets? I seem to do myself to many warm up sets and I struggle to find my working weights for sets especially to hit target reps.

    Martin Ludvigsen

    In MY mind, it easier to perform 2 all out sets, instead of mabye 4 halfassed sets.
    I find myself holding back a rep or to, if I got too many sets.
    Hope you know what I mean.

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