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    Armageddon has paid off well for me. It’s week 12 and after thinking about taking a recovery program I soon realized it’s wasn’t necessary, yet. I want to focus on arms as much as possible and Armageddon really hits those points I like. Adding in an extra chest day and alternating a delt day with some pump work, just makes it that much more fun. But I figured out something I was doing wrong and need 6 more weeks to really see what I’m capable of before going into the power building program.

    The mistake I was making was warm up sets. I must have skipped over the videos since I really like to nerd out on this stuff. But my warm ups were fatiguing me and I wasn’t even aware of it. My warm up sets were always lots of reps of lighter weights and increasing as I go to my top set but fatigue sets in and my top sets suffered.

    The last two weeks I took warm ups from lots of sets and reps to 3 to 4 sets with reps decreasing each set. So if I warmed up incline DB press I now do a set of 15 reps low weight, then 8 reps little heavier, 4 reps little heavier then 1 rep 10pds from my top set. This morning I got to my top set and I pumped out 12 very clean reps @70pds. Form was on point and my second set hit 12 again. I was impressed because coming into my top sets before I always had that mind set of thinking I won’t get more than 5 maybe 6. That’s all changed. Then something that Bryce said to me weeks ago that rand in my head. It was saying that you have to earn using the next increase of weight. I’ve damn well earned the 75s next round and from what I was seeing in the rep range video that even if I put out 5 and Form is good 6 reps then 7 reps etc.. Will eventually come. Once I hit 12 reps @75, the 80s come out and my back off sets will be just as productive. I’ve literally smashed all my PRs especially doing leg presses ( I don’t squat due to back issues) I couldn’t get passed 730 for weeks and smashed 760pds for 12. Yea, warm up sets done right really make a difference.

    But something also changed that has helped and why I won’t be taking the recovery as I thought I needed.

    The recovery video really made sense and my recovery is great but it was lacking something. It was my sleeping habits. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and after two years of using a Bi-Pap machine and losing a crap ton of weight. I was sleeping better because being morbidly obese was why I had sleep apnea in the first place.

    I noticed my sleep wasn’t the greatest and in the last year I stopped using my machine because I really didn’t need it after following up with my sleep doctor. But over time I was getting sleep but not getting fully rested. Two weeks ago I pulled out my machine and started using it again. Holy shit my energy levels skyrocketed again. I thought I was getting tired because I wake up at 4am every day and am in the gym by 5am, work, family etc.. My woman said I started to snore again a few months ago but now that im using my machine again I’ve stopped snoring and don’t wake up like I was 3-4 times in a night. The woman says it’s actually scary how soundly I sleep again. But I can tell my body is recovering faster in the last two weeks and as much as I dislike using this machine, it’s super important to my health and recovery. It’s really not that bad especially when you wake up and you feel great.

    So now that I’ve learned from my mistakes with warming up and getting a way better quality of sleep. Let’s pull another 6 weeks and shoot for the 90s by week 18.

    Joe, Bryce, I can’t thank you enough for all the responses, the videos that actually make sense, and it’s freaking me out how well my body is responding to this program. I’ve got a few more questions but will save those for another 3 page essay😂 looking forward to seeing what 6 more weeks will be like and can’t wait to jump into the power building program. 💪💪


    Keep chugging along

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