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    Hi coaches,

    I’m just wondering and thanks for your replies as always. I’m doing the Ben pollock program and I’ve converted into a 4 day split. (I’ve put the delt and arms day together and left the other 3 days as it was, so far so good and loving it.
    Can I ask about log booking tho especially on isolation movements, can I just skip them and just focus on logging the big lifts I feel I need to log, I’m just finding I’ve always got my phone in my hand through the workout after every set I do to log it into here and rather than just get on with the workout, listen to music and do my shit and go, I’m just finding myself picking up my phone and it’s doing my head in. What are your thoughts on best tactics to log your workouts? Especially isolation movements. Cheers



    I just log everything in a book. I write my workout in pen, I leave a box to write my weights in and a box to write my reps in. I carry a mechanical pencil with a rubber on the end. When I finish a set I rub out the target I had given myself and write my target in for my next workout based on what I just achieved. It literally takes seconds.

    I keep my phone in my bag as if I take it out I’ll end up on social media or googling, “how fast does hair grow” or some shit like that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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