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    Hey coach

    I have been on a cut for almost 3 months and lately i have noticed to have lost some strength (ig because of travelling and not eating properly) and i guess i have lost some muscle too.
    Will i gain the strength and that muscle when i stop being in a deficit and start eating at maintainence?
    I have always had a higher than normal bodyfat % and my goal is to just get at a healthy amount of body fat 15% or lower, and keep on getting bigger from there


    Hey man, I feel your pain, I’m just at week 3 of cut and already lost strenght and today a bodyscan showed 1.5lbs of skeletal muscle mass loss. It is frustrating and worrisome because like you I’ve always been on the higher bodyfat side and now trying to combat it at least in my case I feel like my “progress” loosing fat is not as rewarding as that feeling of listing heavier and heavier sh!t. Hang in there man I am mentally attacking those worries every day, in the past I’ve always caved to the fear of loosing strenght, not this time!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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