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    Peter dC

    How does a low/minimum volume workout relate to moderate/high carbohydrate intake while maintaining optimal fat levels, even allowing to reach peak week with such intakes?

    Can we get to that control by emphasizing mechanical tension and caloric requirements for hypertrophy?

    It’s something I observe in those under your guidance, as well as JP’s athletes in his app (whether enhanced or natural).

    Maybe I have a misconception because in various sectors we have been told that to consume those high amounts of carbohydrates, you need a high volume and a high consumption of muscle glycogen.

    In addition, we have been taught that carbohydrates are an energetic substrate, perhaps not optimal for the process, but an optimal substrate in terms of glycogen, hormone stimulation (insulin) and recovery.

    We can even see it in your videos of how you have adjusted your macros and the amount of carbs you use for the volume of training and compared to other systems, which also cause us to train absurdly and with less carbs, makes me think a lot that there are bases that I need to correct and re-organize.


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