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    Peter dC

    Hi Bryce and Joe,

    Once you meet the requirements of training with a low volume by following the last five effective repetitions rule, having under control execution, failure and performance, what is its relationship between this low volume and the Kcal needed by the body vs. the popular methodology of training with volume?

    Two scenarios, com prep and off season.

    Will caloric requirements be more dependent on the major energy macronutrient? I.e., if one follows a low fat and moderate/high carb nutrition, the caloric requirements that will be used will be the carbs and vice versa?

    How does this type of training affect muscle insulin sensitivity when there is a low volume of training and the use of carbohydrates as the main energy and anabolic macro?

    I ask this question, because in the Trained by JP application, there are many pros and amateurs that follow this system and despite the low volume, the nutritional programs they carry are high in carbohydrates and the insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning is much higher than many of the other popular systems.

    And I don’t fully understand, or better yet, internalize this nutritional concept, since the results I see are more shocking and I don’t know how to manage it in an empirical way to be able to modify my nutritional plan along with this new way of training.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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