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    Blake Turner

    Good morning,
    I’m currently doing the Pec Augmentation program with an additional back-day added on to the end of the week to help keep my push/pull balanced out.
    I am also dealing with the effects of degenerative disc disease, which is caused by general stiffness and lack of mobility through the cervical and thoracic spine and manifests as lower back pain. During the programmed pull-day, I’ve had to switch the standing double DB rows to a supported single arm DB row to help alleviate the strain on my lower back as I’m not a fan of doing things that cause pain or increase any preexisting pain.
    My question is, for my additional back-day, is there a good substitute for the bent over BB rows and/or t-bar rows? The traditional version of both of these movements leaves me in enough pain the next day that I’ve stopped incorporating them. Right now I’m doing chest supported iso lateral rows (plate machine), neutral grip pull downs and seated cable rows and then I get stuck after that.
    Your input is much appreciated, as always.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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