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    Parker Bierman

    What’s up guys,
    On the “lower” workout Joe created the last 2 exercises are a sled push and then DB split squats, because you have referred to both of these as great finishers/ pump work I was curious if we should do both or pick one. I am normally pretty gassed from the meat and potatoes movements and get a great pump from the split squat drop sets, thus I was thinking of doing just those, instead of sled pushes and then the split squats. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance

    Parker Bierman

    Thanks for the input Joe, in regard to your question, I am doing the Armageddon program. Through weeks 1-4 only the sled push is listed as the final exercise. Then during weeks 5&6 (which includes pump work per the program description) the split squat is added as pump work. To be clear, the sled push is listed the whole time as a movement with weight and rep inputs, while the split squats are added in weeks 5 & 6 and displayed as all other pump work is ( no weights and rep inputs). Let me know if you need any clarification.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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