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    Hi guys.

    Just wondering if you can help here because I’ve been having issues with losing some reps/sets etc when on a my program and I change exercise because so find the gym is to busy therefor I choose an alternative for that given movement, then the week later I go back and my progress/log has been wiped, but this is not why I’m here it’s because every time I check in, my calories are always (after I put my weight in weekly) saying either put on to much fat or I’ve not eaten enough, that said my current weight is 68kg but last week it told me to increase Cals because I was 67kg, my goal is to build muscle which I put, but in the same breath it will tell me to decrease Cals because I’ve put to much fat on??? I’m like you either want me to increase my Cals or not want me to increase my Cals, what’s the answer haha. Bit of a mind f**k because my goal is to be around 75kg, I don’t want to be bulking going through summer, but also I don’t want to be being told I’ve put to much fat on after a check in and because I’ve gained 1kg. That’s why I use my fitness pal to manage my food now and I’ve stopped using the check in option.
    The diet and nutrition info needs more I think because it can serious play with your head. It does mine anyway haha 😂

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