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    Hey Joe!

    Thanks to previous injuries most heavy pressing (barbell, smith, and most machines) doesn’t sit well with my shoulders. What I can do heavy, pain free is flat/low inc. Db pressing, some flat machines, most flyes/cables, dips. I can get away with db overhead and some slow, light barbell pressing (I can do them for a couple of weeks, than I have to gove them 1-3 weeks off). So I adopted the low inc db press as my main pressing movement, but with my regular pressing style, I have “outgrown” the dumbbells in my gym. (I can press the heavyest for a top set of 15-ish reps). Could you give some tips what to do next to continue progress, what to use as a main pressing movement? Switch and start with roller flye and press second (or add another exercise and press third)? Slow negatives? Slow positivrs? Stop at the bottom of every rep? Or just use higher rep ranges? any shoulder friendly heavy pressing alternative?

    Thanks in advance!


    Thanks Joe, will do that 💪🏻

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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