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    So I’ve heard this saying today “don’t do to many sets…..make the sets count”!

    Ok yeah I get it, but I always find myself doing to many warm up sets and then when it comes to actual sets, I seem to either under-judge it with weight, or over-do it with over loading weight and form just sucks!

    I’m just losing all confidence with it all because I am trying to hard in ticking all boxes with everything else and progress in the gym is just well let’s say, disappointing! I know I can work Harder and I know I’m looking probably to much into it, but it’s so frustrating!

    I also feel like I’m eating to much for what I’m training (I follow and make sure all my macros are hit) because I know that I can work harder because it’s easy to eat to grow but you need to train like an animal, and when that confidence is not there, what do you do?

    I am thinking of going lighter to focus on form and not worry about beating previous week numbers. I enjoy it, and I keep turning up, but am I wasting time, that’s what I’m thinking!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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