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    Max Sheppard

    Hi Joe and Bryce!

    From the dawn of my time spent on this app, your knowledge has served me far better than every methodology of information gathering out there.

    Nevertheless, despite the doubtless aforementioned truths, I must be a glutton for punishment; I cannot bring myself to bulk. Whilst I know it is the most ideal scenario for eliciting a hypertrophic response, I am mentally unwilling to do so. This is due to the fact I have a background of obesity, even in my early adolescence, by way of “treat days” – binge eating.

    Thus, seeing increases in body fat creates an array of mental health problems for me.

    So, my question is: what is the likelihood I can put on a discernible amount of lean tissue throughout my life, following your and my own training principles, whilst hovering at caloric maintenance?

    Last year I lean bulked, as per your Joe’s, and thereafter cut down to the same body fat percentage I began at. However, that percentage suited with a 4 pound increase in body weight – muscle. But the negative mental health effects I endured were arduous.

    What do you believe to be the best path to take: lean bulking or “maingaining”, provided the goal is to balance both mental health and body composition goals?

    P.S. I hope I did not make this too much of a “puke-your-soul-out” type question.

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    Max Sheppard

    You have no idea how relieving it is to hear somebody as acclaimed as yourself affirm such expectations. My debt to your knowledge extends far past any app subscription. Thank you!

    Max Sheppard

    Thank you so much, Coach Bryce! You and Joe are the dream team for information!

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