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    Hi guys 👍🏽

    Just want to say I’m loving the app firstly and currently in my 2nd of the Terrance/Joe program.
    So long story short, I’ve been bulking for about 4 months now, I’ve gone from 62KG to now 70kg. (My Cals back then we’re around 2000-2200 Cals) my diet has always been good and I’m very consistent and disciplined. I had a coach for 4 months and he took me from the Cals I was on to around 4500 within 3 months, followed his program. Yes I gained weight, yeah I felt good (eating 5-6 meals a day, 6 if I’ve included my PWO Meal), strength went up and is still going up, only cardio is steps, and I’m training 5 times a day.
    I’m a truck driver for a living, up at 4am, working 10-12hrs a day, (taking meals 2/3 with me to work) which is 185g chicken, 100g rice, 150g veg, 1/2 apple per meal, and 2 rice cakes with 20g 90% dark choc.
    Meal 1 is eaten when I rise at 4am, meal 4 is eaten after the gym and meal 5 before bed. (6 is usually rice based cereal and protein straight after workout.
    I have 2 kids at home as well so my days are LONNNNG! I’d say my average steps is 10-15k steps.
    My macros now are P280g C400-450g and F80g I have the same meals every day, I’m just wondering because my lifestyle doesn’t change, with work and family, training, how I go about tweaking meals when I decide to cut? I’ve never done a bulk properly as all I know is how to lose weight from just tracking calories if that makes sense, and obviously working out/cardio. My style of training has changed (I do weights now 5 times a week, I’m used to a mixture of things), and goals. I’m happy eating the meals I eat, and feel I have enough energy etc, I’m just not looking forward to the day I have to start taking food away to have a clean up and mini cut lol. I would just like some guidance on how to tweak meals, and what type of meals to have, my last meal mainly is the meal I kinda struggle on because it’s before bed. Usually it’s protein, Greek yogurt, berries and peanut butter, or protein with oat and peanut butter, but why have carbs before bed, doesn’t make sense. (I feel my coach has left me thinking more about food intake more than ever now and quantity) But like I said, my nutrition is good but i would like more guidance with meal selections and how to tweak things. Thank you. Here’s my current body now with being 8kg up.

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