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    Jason Gargalianos

    Hey guys, just double checking. I am currently on the push pull lower programme. In the overview it said that by week 3 there would be added intensifiers and added isolation work and by week 5 there would be added metabolic pump work. As I am running through the programme the the only thing that I am seeing from week 1 to week 6, is changes in rep range and rir. There are no intensifiers and pump work added apart from the option that we have to add at the end of the workout, if we wanted to, but that is the same even from week 1. It doesn’t seem to have any already built in in the programme already made from the app. Do you add those only in your other programmes like the one you have for focusing the chest for example and not in ppl? I was curious because I saw that in the overview and I can’t see these changes as I am going through the weeks on my programme and I was thinking if there was something wrong with the app on my end.

    Anthony D’Amico

    Did you ever get a response to this I have the same question

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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