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    Hi guys,


    I am now approaching 7 months of gaining phase and I would like to cut some body fat as It is a little bit too high for my preference. I would say 5kg down could bring me new 6-8 months of gaining. My question is how should I approach the cutting phase? Should I do a mini cut and go a little bit more aggressively for a shorter period of time or should I just do a standard cutting phase and slowly decrease calories until I reach desired condition? How much calorie drop would you recommend for both options? For more context, I am an intermediate lifter but I do need and want a lot more muscle mass. Currently I am eating 3500-3700 calories, macros are 25oP 450-500C, 80F, sleeping 8-10 hours and training 5 times a week.  Cardio is 20min fasted 7x week, stationary bicycle, moderate intensity . I work office desk job so besides my cardio I do not have a lot of neat, I try to get a 25minute walk almost every day. Currently I am working full time + studying at a college so adding much cardio is not something I would prefer now as I have a lot of activities taking time in my schedule.  Stress is low. Preserving muscle and strength is a high priority. I do not have any time restrictions but I would like to switch back to a surplus ASAP. Looking forward to your response.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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