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    Ben Kinniburgh

    Hey guys

    I’ve trained early and fasted for years, I have an espresso and pre workout mix of eaa and some other stuff ive seen milos put out before. I’ve realised though that some days I’m actually not starting training straight away, sometimes an hour or longer from when I get up (slight lifestyle change), so I’ve been including a small meal when I get up. And now I’ve just been getting up, having the coffee, the meal, the pre workout and starting training
    I’ve been having two whole eggs cooked in coconut oil, with a small spoon of peanut butter

    Questions are, do you like to recommend a meal before training if you have the time, and if so is it ok to eat and start training straight away or take a break between?
    If so, what would the make up of a meal would look like, when targeting performance for yr workout…
    And if you take into account my pre workout mix, and I have an intra workout with vitargo and some other aminos, could it be much work for my stomach to do
    Or would you think it makes no real difference and if I’m able to train without a meal then do that

    Ben Kinniburgh

    Thanks Bryce, I certainly don’t have the 90 minutes to wait for anything to digest and I was worried I was expecting a bit too much from my body squeezing a meal in

    I’ll try going back to the fasted state for the start of a workout and see how performance goes, it was always good before, I just started thinking I should be eating if I wasn’t training within 45 minutes of waking. Maybe mornings when I have a bit more time I could do a whey shake with some nuts sort of supplement the poliquin approach, and when I have the full 90 minutes I’ll go the meat and nuts breakfast.

    But bottom line is it isn’t critical either way, just what works for you on the day with focus on workout performance.

    Thanks mate

    Ben Kinniburgh

    Thanks heaps guys

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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