Muscle soreness

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    Andrew Edwards

    Man, I worked out Monday and swam Tuesday. Its now Saturday and still sore. Started as slight soreness in my arms that progressively got worse and spread to whole body. Went to the ER because I was worried I was in Rhabdo. My cpk was elevated but not enought to be admitted thankfully. Ive tried several things and nothing is working. Ive gotten bags of fluids IV, even did a vitamin and electrolyte infusion with Toradol. Now on muscle relaxers. Hot baths not even working. Planning on seeing my dr monday but wondering if anyone else has any tips or experience with this? It sucks. I want to heal so I can get back to working out. But obviously I want to do it the right way.

    Simo Matikainen

    How bad is the soreness? Did you train your wholy body? Could explain the “spreading”. Sometimes doms can come little bit later but your situation seems very abnormal, unless you are very new to the gym.

    Hope you get it sorted soon, get a lots of rest and sleep.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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