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    sreeteja pampati

    Hey Joe and Bryce!

    I just completed the PPL 1.0 program and wanted to create a personalized program for myself to address my needs. I loved the PPL program for its intensity, attention to exercise detail, strength in different rep ranges, and most of all, my ability to recover from it. I thought about following Terrence’s 2021 olympia prep program, but I feel like this is a little too much volume for me. I still want to train at MEV, which I think is a similar amount of volume to the PPL 1.0 program. I think it is best for me to create my own program that follows my standards of MEV. I have attached a rough outline that uses the PPL 1.0 routine that I loved so much as a backbone of my own PPL program.

    This program will follow the same exact sets and reps scheme that was in the PPL 1.0 program for the exercises selected (mostly 5-8, some 8-12, some 12-15, and rarely 15-20). This program will also follow the same exercise swaps and will also follow the same progression (phase 1: RIR 1, phase 2: RIR 0, phase 3: RIR 0 + pump work). I believe my lower body is a strong point, whereas my delts, arms, and upper back need more work. I particularly want to work on my rear and side delts, biceps, and triceps. My chest is a strong point, and relative to my physique, my lats are decent.

    I would love any feedback!

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    sreeteja pampati

    thanks for the input Joe! just curious, why would arm progress stall if theyre done before legs? and i figured since legs are done after arms, which arent the most energy demanding, it wont have a big effect on legs.

    i was also curious – would, on the second rotation of this in a 9 day cycle, placing delts before the main compound movements on push and pull be a good idea?

    so something like

    day 1: pull
    day 2: push
    day 3: rest
    day 4: lower and arms
    day 5: pull (w rear delts first)
    day 6: rest
    day 7: push (w side delts first)
    day 8: lower and arms
    day 9: rest

    sreeteja pampati

    thank you Joe!! i didnt think about systemic fatigue aspect, now it all makes sense. and youre right, you can only know if something works if you implement it. just wanted to make sure it was a good idea before i started trying it, and since you gave the green light ill go ahead with it. appreciate it as always!

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