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    Jack Owen

    I’d like to have an program like that, I want a program like PPL, but with a day of back with hams and arms, and I don’t know if is equal
    1. Lower 1 A1. Bulgarian Split Squats B1. Leg Press C1. Leg extensionsD1. Lying Leg Curls E1. Seated Calf Raise2. PullA1. Single Arm Cable PulldownB1. Machine RowC1. Rope PulldownD1. Bent over DB RowsE1. Incline Cable Curls 2 setsF1. Single Arm Preached Curl 2 sets

    Jack Owen

    I don’t know if is it good and If I should wait to finish PPL 2.0, because some of this worjouts are from this program

    Jack Owen

    3. Off
    4. Push 1
    A1. Incline DB press 1day and the other flat
    B1. The same on machines
    C1. Pec Dec Fly
    D1. Flat Machine
    E1. DB lateral raises
    F1. JM Smith Press

    5. Arms
    A1. Cuff Cable Tricep
    A2. Single arm preacher Curl
    B1. Seated Cable Cross Extension
    B2. Hammer DB curls
    C1. Giant Arm Superset

    6. Off
    7. Back and Hams
    A1. Single Arm DB
    B1. Machine Row
    C1. Rack Chins
    D1. Low back extensions
    E1. DB Rdls 5 reps with rows and then RDLs
    E2. Seated Leg curls

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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