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    Love the site love the message board. This may be my favorite part of the whole app haha!

    I’ve used several of your plans and decided I wanted to build an emphasis back day of my own. However, I want to separate each day with one day being Upper back (traps, rhomboids, teres, rear Delts, some thoracic lat)

    And a lat focused day with thoracic, lumbar, and iliac emphasis.

    The only issue I am encountering is I only understand about 90% of it and need a few questions answered before I can select my exercises.

    I understand I must have my arms in front of my body, shoulder flexion, humorous adduction, neutral spine, and arms parallel or along side the body. If the torso is 0 degrees then as close to that as possible.

    If my understanding is correct. The iliac emphasis occurs from pulldown a or rows at a higher angle. So a neutral grip Pulldown, kneeling Pulldown, kneeling row, high angle row, pull over would put emphasis on this area.

    For lumbar. My understanding would be more of a forward lean And your arms out in front of your body. (The standard row). For exercises Chest supported row seems ideal, or any row that you can stabilize your self with a slight forward lean while maintaining a neutral spine.

    Where I am lost is in the thoracic region. Would this just simply be a more upright torso to move from lumbar to thoracic? How does this particular alignment work? I’ve seen upward rows mostly in other videos from a low to high station or a more upward stand landline row.

    Please help me complete this back day And correct anything I posted incorrectly above.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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