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    Roberto Celi

    Thank you for the cuffs! I didn’t imagine I’d be as happy as child in Christmas when I picked them up. The logo, design and quality is super cool!

    I was doubtful if buying them, but since I was at the moment in Miami and just because I fractured my elbow I thought I might needed them to be able to train triceps and biceps more comfortably without having to supinate or pronate my forearm. So I got them!!

    However I’d like to take full advantage of them. I know you guys use them a lot. Besides what I mentioned, and lying cable cuff side delt laterals.
    What else can I do with it?

    What are the benefits of lying cable cuff side delt laterals vs doing them with handles and holding onto them?

    What advantages the cuffs bring over other options?

    Thanks again!! Keep up the great work!

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    Roberto Celi

    Got it! Thank you Joe.

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