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    James Baker


    Fancy a change of split as been doing upper lower and PPL all through my training history.

    My weak points are legs and upper chest.

    I have added a routine below I’m confident on the upper lower split but not very sure on the layout of full body part of my routine as I have never run this type of split.

    Any feedback wound be great 👍.

    The questions I need help with are below.

    – Should i squat on the Full body Day ? I can hack squat or Leg Press if needed.

    – Where should I add Bicep/Tricep and Rear delts and side delts

    – Can I just do a standard Top set and back off set on all the meat and potato movements

    – Does the routine makes sense can change if needed ?


    Full body
    Squat BB
    High Incline Smith
    Barbell Rows

    Flat chest Press
    Roller Cable fly’s
    T Bar Rows
    Single arm lat rows.

    Seated Hamstring Curls
    Leg Ex
    Pendulum Squat

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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