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    Hello ! Yesterday I did the chest workout from the pec specialization program. The “problem” is that I’m not fatigued. And by that I mean that the muscles are not sore, they are not even fatigued. I know that in order to grow a muscle it doesn’t have to be sore, but it feels like I didn’t even work that muscle just a day before with so much intensity.

    Let me give you some insight, in the workout I did the reverse banded incline bench press, 1 arm cable fly (because that’s the only way I can do that exercise in my home gym setup) , I replaced incline machine press with a cable press-around to overload more of the short position and to have tension through the whole motion , and the dumbbell bench press with barbell floor press to finish the chest in the mid position ( in this order ). The intensity was high in my opinion, I made progress in almost every lift.

    My questions now are:

    1. Why I don’t feel fatigued at all ? Is it because of the exercise substitusions ? Is it a sign of good recovery ? Or maybe is a sign of not training as hard as I thought, even though every set was 0 RIR ?
    2. In the workout it’s used the incline barbell bench press not reverse banded like I did it. I know it’s a reason for it, what is it ?


    Thank you so much !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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