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    Daniel Keen

    Hey man I’m just going through your programs seeing which direction to take – I need to improve my chest and aiming to get these delts looking sharper. I notice a lot, if not most of your sessions only include 2 sets of low reps approx 6-8.

    I’m use to 3,4 even 5+ sets not week in week out but 3 sets as a bare minimum.

    I’d like to know the thought behind such a low set focus; what are the positives behind it, how can it impact my growth and what problem (if any) could I cause to myself if I added a set or 2 too each workout?


    For what it’s worth, my work method was a similar set up as you mentioned above and I was hesitant to trust the process when I first joined. What I found out was it simply works (if you’re giving it all you have for those 2 sets) PLUS I had a little more time on my hands by not doing the extra 3 sets on each exercise.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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